Landscape Planning – Include a Fountain For Impact

Now that winter is upon us, it is time to start planning your landscaping project for the coming months. Apart from cutting back the shrubs and raking up the old debris, there is not too much that can be done outside. Now is the time to get out paper and pencil and draw up plans for giving your yard or garden a face lift. Even if you only have a small courtyard or patio you can still redesign the look of it.

Outdoor fountains make an impressive and beautiful sight. For those of you who are looking to add elegance and sophistication to your outdoor environment this year, you just cannot beat a beautiful outdoor water fountain. Garden fountains have become popular for several reasons. The soft soothing sound of running water makes a fountain one of the most appealing additions to a garden. The comforting sound of cascading water brings about tranquility and peace satisfying both the senses of sight and sound.

A garden water fountain is perfect if you want to add style to your backyard and are available in many materials such as resin, copper and stone with so many features available to enhance the appearance of our yards. Outdoor water fountains are available in many shapes and sizes and could be small structures or quite large.

Freestanding, central pieces with several tiers may dominate the center of the landscape. These are probably the fountains that we are most familiar with and the larger ones are seen in parks and on corporate or hotel entrances. It is possible to have a similar style on a smaller scale in your own yard.

Wall mounted outdoor water fountains take up less space but can be just as dramatic when placed in a prominent position and can be the focal point of your landscape. Alternatively place an outdoor water fountain on a secluded wall somewhere in the landscape, perhaps in an atrium or patio. Wherever they are placed, garden fountains enrich the look of any garden or patio.

The exquisite designs available for outdoor fountains and garden fountains add a look of authenticity and create character for your outdoor area. Add some small garden ornaments to compliment the fountain and the surrounding plants and your garden will change dramatically.

Hunter Kenroy is a popular choice for outdoor fountains as are solar powered garden water fountains. Solar powered garden fountains are a popular alternative when there is no electric source to run the electric pumps. The solar panel must be placed in a sunny location, in order to utilize the power of the sun. Solar powered water fountains are available that only require water and a source of sunlight and there are ready to go.

Outdoor fountains in ponds have an air of mystery and magic about them especially at night with subdued lighting strategically placed to enhance the sparkle of the cascading water. Fountains in ponds will add an elegant backdrop to your next garden party.

Garden fountains are an impressive and beautiful sight. For those looking to add elegance and sophistication to their outdoor environment and garden you just cannot beat a beautiful water fountain.

Adding outdoor water fountains to your garden, deck or patio is one of the best ways to add beauty and character to your outdoors. The tranquility of a soothing outdoor fountain will relax you after the stress of a long day.

Start today and draw up your landscaping plans to include an outdoor fountain.


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